• Traditional vehicle registration marks are those outside the Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks Scheme. Traditional vehicle registration marks include ordinary and special vehicle registration marks.
  • Eligibility of applicants
    • at least 18 years of age with a Hong Kong identity card (for Hong Kong residents) or a Passport (for non-Hong Kong residents); or
    • the authorised person of a limited company who holds a valid Certificate of Incorporation. Business Registration Certificate will not be accepted.
For details about the ordinary and special vehicle registration marks, please click here.
  • Applicants can search online for the availability of traditional vehicle registration marks, and make a reservation for auction for an available traditional vehicle registration mark.
Please click on the button under “Quick Links” to conduct an online search and reserve traditional vehicle registration marks.
  • Fee
    • Reserving an ordinary and a special vehicle registration mark for auction is different.
    • Applicants need to pay online a HK$1,000 deposit for reserving an ordinary vehicle registration mark (other than those with a prefix “HK” or “XX”).
    • No deposit is required for reserving a special vehicle registration mark or an ordinary vehicle registration mark with a prefix “HK” or “XX”.
  • Payment methods
    • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB or China UnionPay), PPS or FPS for making online payments.
  • Upon acceptance of the online applications, applicants can print or save the acknowledgement immediately, and the reserved vehicle registration marks of the applicants will be put on the waiting list for auction.
  • The Transport Department will send a registered letter to the Hong Kong correspondence address provided by the applicant to notify the auction date. Applicants may also check the auction details through the Internet, including the dates of coming auctions and the list of vehicle registration marks available in auction.
  • The time required from submitting the application for reserving a vehicle registration mark to holding the auction:
    • For a special vehicle registration mark or an ordinary vehicle registration mark with prefix 'HK' / 'XX': It would take twenty four months or more
    • For an ordinary registration mark (with a prefix other than 'HK' / 'XX'): It would take twelve to eighteen months or more
  • If an applicant reserves more than one vehicle registration mark, the waiting time of his/her reserved marks would be different and longer.
For information about the coming auction(s), please click here.