• Eligibility of applicants
    • Registered owner of a private car registered and licensed in Hong Kong.
    • Holder of a valid Hong Kong full driving licence with private car entitlement. The private car must be covered by valid Hong Kong motor vehicle third party risks insurance.
    • If the registered owner of the vehicle is a registered company, the company must authorise in writing a person holding a valid Hong Kong full driving licence with private car entitlement to act as the applicant.
  • Eligibility of drivers
    • Private car concerned must be driven by not more than two designated drivers when entering the Macao Car Park, one of whom must be the applicant. (i.e. the registered private car owner or the person authorised by the company vehicle owner for submitting the application). If the vehicle owner is a registered company, the other designated driver must also be authorised by the company in writing.
    • Holder of a valid Hong Kong full driving licence with private car entitlement
    • Private car concerned must only be driven by the designated drivers but not anyone else.
HZMB Macao Port Park-and-Ride Scheme

The TD will co-ordinate the applications of Hong Kong licences and permits, as well as those for the preliminary approval of Filing Records with the Mainland Government. With the applicants’ consent, the TD will pass the information of applicants, vehicles and drivers to the Mainland Government for processing the application procedures.

Step 1: Apply for the Closed Road Permit to the Transport Department
  • Applicants may apply through the Internet.
  • Supporting Documents Required:
    • Authorisation Letter (for company vehicle owner only)
    • Second designated driver's declaration (only required if there is more than 1 designated driver)

Step 2
  • Applicants should
    • Purchase vehicle insurance as required by Macao and the Mainland
    • Upload the “Compulsory Traffic Accident Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicles” of the Mainland (“Mainland vehicle insurance”) at the Mainland’s online filing platform (Available in Chinese only) for formal approval of Filing Records
  • Note:
    • According to the press release issued by the Macao Transport Bureau, if applicants have a valid CRP for cross-boundary vehicles travelling between Guangdong and Hong Kong or a valid CRP for Macao PnR Scheme, there is no need to reserve before entering the Macao Car Park. When the real-time remaining parking spaces are less than 600, reservation system will be enabled.
    • Drivers and passengers of private cars should park their cars at the Macao Car Park and complete the clearance procedures before interchanging with public transport to travel to other areas of Macao.
    • To ensure departure on schedule, applicants should allow ample time, particularly when there are long holidays during which the relevant agencies would suspend office operation temporarily, to complete all the relevant formalities.
    • Once the application for Closed Road Permit is submitted, applicants cannot withdraw or amend any vehicles and drivers related particulars (e.g. addition, cancellation or change of the designated driver(s); change of vehicle (even using the same vehicle registration mark); or change of the vehicle registration mark); otherwise applicants are required to submit applications afresh, and the relevant fees paid would not be refunded. Closed Road Permit issued for a specific vehicle is not transferable either.
  • Annual fee for a Closed Road Permit under application is HK$540.
    • Applicants who submit the application through the Internet can settle the payment by means of online PPS or credit cards or Faster Payment System.
    • The fee for a permit with the validity period shorter than one year is HK$45 per month. Any part of a month will be counted as one month.
  • The application procedures and fees for the formalities required by the Macao Government are set by the Macao Government. Applicants are advised to obtain the information on relevant formalities and fees from the website of the Macao Transport Bureau or call their enquiry hotline at (853) 8866 6363 before submitting applications.
  • For other formalities required, such as purchasing the “Mainland vehicle insurance” and the Macao statutory vehicle insurance, etc., the procedures and price schedules are set by the relevant organisations. Applicants are advised to obtain up-to-date information on the required procedures and fees before submitting applications.
  • The two Governments normally take about 12 working days for processing applications.
  • Since the office hours and holiday of the two Governments differ, and in particular as a result of suspension of office operation during long holidays, it may take a longer time to complete the application procedures and relevant formalities.
  • The Transport Department will inform applicants of the application results via email.
  • Successful applicants will receive by post an approval letter and a Closed Road Permit issued by the Transport Department.