• Applicable to Chinese residents of the Mainland of China applying for entry to the HKSAR as imported workers under the Supplementary Labour Scheme (SLS).
  • Employers intending to import workers under the SLS need to first apply to the SLS Application Office of the Labour Department for approval-in-principle. Subject to the grant of approval-in-principle, employers shall arrange for their prospective workers to each submit a visa/entry permit application to the Immigration Department (ImmD) within the period specified in the approval-in-principle letter.
  • Eligibility criteria
    • the applicant is suitably qualified and experienced for the job in question;
    • the terms and conditions of employment are comparable to those in the local market;
    • the applicant will remain under the direct employment of the employer for a specific job and will not be contracted out to other companies or sub-contractors;
    • there is no adverse record to the detriment of the applicant and the employer; and
    • the employer is financially capable of employing the applicant, providing him/her with suitable accommodation and of guaranteeing his/her maintenance and repatriation upon termination of his/her contract.

Please click on the button under “Quick Links” for documents to be submitted online and to submit an online application.

  • It normally takes six weeks to process an application upon receipt of all the required documents.
  • A notification of the application result will be emailed, faxed or posted (if applicable) to employers or his/her authorised reperesentatives by the ImmD.

Please click here for enquiry of application status.

  • Fee
    • The fee for an entry permit is HKD$230.
    • Successful employers are required to pay a levy that goes to the Employees Retraining Board to augment the provision of training or retraining for local workers who are vulnerable in the economic restructuring process to changing their employment. The levy payable in a lump sum in respect of each imported worker is HK$400 multiplied by the number of months covered by the employment contract up to a maximum of 24 months. It will be collected after the approval for importing workers and before the issue of visa/entry permit as directed by the Director of Immigration. The levy paid is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Payment methods
    • Upon approval of the applications, the notification of the application result issued by the ImmD will include a webpage link for payment. Payment of relevant fees could be made through the said webpage link or the GovHK website or the ImmD Mobile Application by credit cards, Payment by Phone Service (PPS) or Faster Payment System (FPS).
  • After payment, applicants could instantly download or print the “e-Visa” by themselves.
  • Successful applicant who is a Chinese resident of the Mainland should apply for an Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao (EEP) and a relevant exit endorsement from the Public Security Bureau office where his/her household registration is kept. The applicant holding an EEP bearing the relevant exit endorsement should also present the “e-Visa” issued to him/her for immigration arrival clearance.