• Hong Kong residents

When travelling in the Mainland, it is important to know what assistance can be obtained from the HKSAR Government if Hong Kong residents encounter difficulties. On this webpage, Hong Kong residents can learn about the assistance provided by the HKSAR Government, and what to do if they are arrested or in case of serious accidents or casualties.

While the resident is in the Mainland, the HKSAR Government can:

  • Issue an Entry Permit for him/her to return to Hong Kong if the resident has lost the identity document.
  • Notify his/her relatives in Hong Kong and give them advice on the related procedural matters if he/she is involved in a serious accident or become a casualty.
  • Liaise, upon request from the resident, with his/her relatives or friends in Hong Kong for rendering financial assistance.
  • Pass information to the resident's relatives in Hong Kong about his/her detention or arrest upon receipt of notification from Mainland law enforcement agencies. Since 2001, the HKSAR Government has, by way of an administrative arrangement and on the basis of mutual respect for the relevant laws of both sides, put in place a reciprocal notification mechanism with the Mainland in respect of cases involving unnatural deaths and imposition of criminal compulsory measures or institution of criminal prosecution on residents from the other side.
  • Inquire, on request from his/her relatives or friends in Hong Kong, about the situation of the case in which the resident has been arrested or detained by the Mainland law enforcement agencies.
  • Provide information on lawyers in the Mainland to the resident or his/her relatives or friends on request.
  • Provide any other relevant advisory services.

The HKSAR Government cannot:

  • Intervene in the judicial system or administrative operations of the Mainland when providing assistance to Hong Kong residents under the principle of 'One Country, Two Systems'.
  • Shield unlawful acts or absolve Hong Kong residents from criminal liability.
  • Obtain better treatment than that provided for Mainland residents in hospitals, under detention or in prison.
  • Pay hotel, legal, medical or travelling expenses, or any other bills for the Hong Kong residents.

  • Not applicable
  • Please click here to visit the website of relevant department for details.
  • Please click here to read the “Guide to Assistance Services to Hong Kong Residents in the Mainland”.
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